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Connectify Hotspot Shield Crack v6.20.10 Elite


Are you finding hotspot shield crack on internet. if so, you are in the right place now. Keep reading the article to find it out now.

I hope all of you are familiar with connectify hotspot shield. This is a very powerful VPN (Virtual Private Network) software. This is the most popular VPN software also. Already it has more then 400 million downloads. People use hotspot shield to keep their identity hide from online.

Sometimes you may need to hide your identity from online. The main reason behind this is to surf website anonymously. Many people want to be anonymous on surfing internet. If you are the same person to keep yourself hide from online, you have to use a VPN software. VPN software normally changes your IP address so that your main IP will remain hide and cannot discover by anyone.

Features of Hotspot Shield

By using hotspot shield elite version you may able to keep your identity 100% anonymous. So your online activity will remain safe. This will also help you to access any blocked website. Sometimes the govt of a country block some website. If you want to get access on them you must use hotspot shield.

Hotspot shield also provide safe browsing and anti theft protection. What you search on internet will be free.

Another important features of hotspot shield is – this will give you the freedom of using any country based IP address. So, you can browse internet by using another specific country IP address.

Hotspot Shield Crack Version

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Finally I must recommend to use hotspot shield crack on your computer. This will help you a lot on internet surfing anonymously. If you really want to keep your identity anonymous you must have to use hotspot shield elite version.